About Us

Exquisitely planned themed evenings for the Capetonian and International socialite.

Set against a uniquely eclectic backdrop. We offer an escape from everyday life.


About Us

‘The Reserve’ offers an escape from everyday life to the discerning Capetonian and International socialite. Avant-garde costumes, feathered boas, and masked courtiers, are all encouraged. We create an atmosphere of privileged bliss in which to live out your fantasies. Invitation only, themed parties are held weekly, with DJs setting the mood and custom-made drinks carrying it into the night. Entrance is at invitation and guest list only, which you may apply for on our contact page.


Set in a historic, 150 year old building, the imposing space with its 12m high ceiling has been decorated in a fabulously eclectic style. An Andrea Graaf interior billed as “a fantasy of creating two different areas the patrons can explore and enjoy, while always admiring the different visual and sensual elements.” A birdcage provides the piece de resistance, with accents of bright pink ducco-ed coffee tables and a bar reminiscent of kitsch 1950s Palm Springs. Both areas host 30 plus, which makes for an intimate affair with dance podiums set up throughout the lounge areas for the more risqué. With a fabulous wealth of detail and opulence this space becomes the perfect backdrop for a night of lavish escapism.


‘The Reserve’ is swathed in a rich cloak of history. Housed within the old Reserve Bank building, the interior dates back to a grander time. The old-world glamour of the high ceilings and grand spaces suits ‘The Reserve’s’ eclectic tastes, and creates a platform for truly awe inspiring feats of imagination. Originally designed by renowned Cape Town architect, James Morris, the building was inspired by the iconic Palazzo Pitti in Florence. The street facades were made of Paarl Granite to symbolize the financial strength and stability of the Reserve Bank. ‘The Reserve’ today pays homage to this distinguished past and caters to the Cape Town glitterati.